Wednesday, December 23, 2009

LIGHT. The one thing that disappointed me the most in Tivoli was the lights in the trees.
When I was a kid those trees always stunned me - and EVERY tree was filled with lights,
so imagine my eyes the size of teacups. But this year - I found like 4 trees.

I spend the eve with Fatkid and Fatkid, and I actually walked the 10 min. walk home.
The snow was new and I rekindled my love with some of my old buds, Razorlight and Travis.
Oh, I've missed you my friends!

I'm actually heading to bed (it's 00:50 AM) and I'm dead tired after too few hours of sleep
+ an early dentist appointment + hours of Christmas shopping. Yeah, DEAD tired.
I only checked in to say HI to all of you! :D


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