Monday, December 21, 2009

BOW. More christmas!! Don't you just love it? I like the colors on the 1st pic. So christmas-y.

Woah, I feel rather nauseous right now. I think I overdid it when I had a bagel with D.
I guess I need to find some Coca Cola somewhere.

I'll curl up with a movie and then soon it's bedtime, cause I have an early appointment at the dentist tomorrow. Crap!

PS. Rest in peace, Brittany Murphey. I called my fave C earlier today, and she was like
"dude, why are you telling me this? I would rather not know!!". We watched Clueless like a million times
when we were kids, and she looooves Just Married. Oh, speaking of, I forgot to call her. Damn you, memory!

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