Monday, November 23, 2009

BLOG IT UP. Sooo, I've updated my linklist.
I've said it before, and I'm saying it again, if you want to make a little shout-out to your own
or any other blog, please do so!

I love reading bloggers perspective on other bloggers, and here are my favorites at the moment.
Fun stuff, right? RIGHT?

- This girl has been written about again again since she started out blogging,
but I can't help on writing about her as well. Have you seen such a creative beauty like .. ever?

- We've all seen The Sartorialist, Jak&Jil and Garance Dore, but this blog has what the others lack: models of duty!

- A Christian Louboutin collection like that deserves a giant applause.
Not only does this girl have giant amounts of gorgeous shoes, she's a successful designer as well. I'm impressed!

- This swedish girl is pretty, has a great sense of style AND takes awesome outfit posts. Me likey.

- Ever wondered what the dudes think about what you wear? Learn it first hand from He.

- Natalie is a prettypretty model and sports amazing outfits.

- Coco Rocha seems like such a sweet and warm person, and I've always wanted to hear about model's experiences.

- Tavi is probably the cutest blogger EVER with fun language and amazing self-irony.
I've read several, specially Danish, magazines where they are not speaking warmly about her.
Jealousy, much? She doesn't have a fashion education, and still knows more interesting stuff about the subject
than many educated fashion peps. Way to go!

Oh my god, I'm so tired, so I'll talk to you LATER.

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Cathrine said...

You should check out if you haven't already:) Probably one of my favorite blogs ever. I LOVE her style and how she mixes vintage finds with something new and fabulous. She is such an inspiration.