Monday, April 6, 2009

Meet my new friends: Alber, Karl & Tom.

ALBER, KARL & TOM. So I've gotten some prettypretty exiting friends lately. 
Alber Elbaz, Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford have shown to be some pretty awesome fellas. 
I mean, just take a look at that freaking AMAZING Lanvin bag. Feeling jealous? Just a teenywheeny bit?
We saw it in beige in a Kassandra a few days ago, and I was sold, but mommy didn't think that she would
splurge on another beige bag just weeks after she bought the Chanel one.
But then today we saw the black one - though not as amazing as the beige, we just had to have it.
It's really gorgeous and the leather is amazingly soft.

(You can't find the bigger one on Net-A-Porter where you'll also find better pictures).

So okay - first off it was strictly no shopping for us, because of the whole Rome trip with a little Chanel friendship and all.
But then the Lanvin just had to show it's little beautiful face and smile at us, so we had to have that as well.
And then mommy could finally get her Tom Ford sunglasses, and yeah, then another two pairs of shoes went in the bunch as well.
No splurging there, though. A cheap pair from Urban Outfitters and a pair, you'll get to see tomorrow. So stay tuned!!

But oh, no regrets! Alber, Karl & Tom are indeed some of my bestest of friends at the moment.
All my love to those amazing fellas. 

I need to get some sleep now.
Daddy turns 55 tomorrow, and I have a long day ahead of me:
Doctors appointment, meeting my aunt and uncle in Copenhagen with mommy and then out to dinner in the evening.
Don't count on much posting.

Until next time, have a nice one, dudes! 

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