Saturday, December 31, 2011

WHAT A YEAR, what a year. A lot happened. So much that I almost didn't blog,
hence the holes in the review below. Where did January and May go?
I bought a Halston dress after seeing Carrie carry it so well on Sex & the City.
I wore jeans from Topshop, cardi and blouse from H&M and my favorite bag from Chanel
I went and saw Walton Ford at the danish museum of modern art - Louisiana.

I told you about my training routines after comments on my wonderful body. Ahahaha, never heard that before.

In late March I moved to Paris for a few months. From my apartment I could see the Opera.

The weather was so good and on one of the hottest days we went to Sacre Coeur.
Where the view over the city was amazing.

After staying in Paris for a few months I finally visited the Eiffel Tower, and the sky was so beautiful.
Almost everyday we ate lunch at Sushi Folie's where I had amazing sushi.
I celebrated my birthday in Paris, but when I returned to Denmark I was celebrated by my family,
wearing a cheap dress bought in Paris and a Julie Sandlau necklace I got by my best friends.

I finally got the orange Hermès Kelly bracelet by my parents and wore it together with Topshop jeans and Gaf Rimon t-shirt.
July was still a little cold so I wore shorts from Topshop and leather jacket from Muuba on my way to work.
And again with same jeans and By Zoe top.
And I finally saw The Strokes live at the Roskilde Festival. I love those dudes!

Summer finally arrived, and I celebrated that by wearing H&M card, Stella McCartney top and H&M shorts.
Still with black tights, though? Hmm .. I'm always freezing.
I showed you where I'm living and the view from my window.
And I went to Crete with my girls for the third year in a row. Love that place!

8 months too late I showed you the Camilla Skovgaard wedges I got by my dear mom as a going away present,
when I went to Paris.
I had finals and studied at the library..
.. and at home.
I showed you the pictures of a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert I had been at a month earlier.

I worked worked worked, first on a school project that took up most of my time, and later at work selling christmas gifts to God knows who.
I was also reunited with my other home, Paris, and finally celebrated christmas with a christmas outfit.

All in all a pretty good year if I must say so myself. Already have lots planned for 2012. First stop: an exam. Second stop: Hong Kong for the chinese new year. Basically I can celebrate new year's eve once again if tonight is no good.

And take care of yourself and each other.

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