Monday, June 14, 2010

I'VE NEVER REALLY been into Balenciaga - neither clothes-wise nor bags-wise,
(I will however say, that I've almost always loved the shoes), but if there is a bag I wouldn't mind having
it's the above. I don't think they're even producing it anymore, and there are plenty others I would want before
paying a ridiculous amount for this bag on Ebay, but just if someone wanted to give me a special b-day gift on Wednesday,
I seriously wouldn't mind it being this.

I'm spending the day studying for my biology-exam. I've already read 50 pages and decided to take a break
while watching Denmark - Netherlands while eating a bagel and drinking a Faxe Kondi (if you ever decided to visit Denmark,
you should really try this drink out - it's like 7Up, just better), but for some reason my TV has decided to download something
and therefore doesn't work.

Update: TV works with only 20 min left. Brilliant. Oh, and Denmark is behind 1-0. Double brilliant.
Now: Bagel!


Cathrine said...


Tørlich said...

yeah, right? It's really sweet!

Mother of Style said...

It's so simple, but the leather strings are what gets me about Balenciaga- love that detail.