Sunday, June 20, 2010

MY DAD IS JACK KENNEDY'S UNKNOWN TWIN. I'm not even kidding you guys,
they look frighteningly alike. Every time me and my friends see a picture of him,
they're like "Dude, that looks like your dad!".

Funny story is that my mother may be Jack's biggest fan.
She has more books about him than I can even count, and know EVERYTHING there is to know.
Conscience she found a look-a-like? I think not!

For some reason my dad just resembles past presidents. Back when Bill Clinton had the post,
he was time and time again stopped on the street, and asked if he knew how much he looked like Bill. I've never really gotten that.

He will always be my Jack Kennedy. All my love to my daddy dearest!

I'm off for some more studying. I've my last exam tomorrow!!

PS. I tried the bigger font out, and it really doesn't work for me.
If you're feeling the font it too small, please yell or comment, and I'll think about it again,

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