Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I STILL HAVEN'T FIGURES OUT WHAT ATE MY ARM, and I guess 28 bites won't look that good when I graduate on Friday in a nice white dress, right? Let's just hope the bites are long gone then ..

I had my last exam yesterday which was pure madness, and my body can't really adjust to not having to be nervous.
After 7 exams in under a month, I guess my body has just gotten used to exam hell.

I feel I'm flying back and forth these days - to the school, to see friends, to see other friends, to the florist, and back again.
I just wanted to check in a say that I am indeed alive, and show you what I'm wearing today:
H&M cardi, Topshop jeans, Samsøe&Samsøe top, Matthew Williamson for H&M (male collection) scarf,
Chanel necklace and Burberry sandals.

I'm heading to a school nearby to celebrate a dear friend. SEE YOU!

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