Sunday, June 27, 2010

I GRADUATED LAST FRIDAY. Truly a ridiculous and eventful day with 12+ hours of partying and driving around. Woah!

These days are pretty sick hence the bad updating. I've a few parties left and then I can "finally enjoy" my vacation.
Not that I'm not enjoying it now, but it is a little hectic.

I wore:
H&M the garden collection dress
Matthew Williamson for H&M belt (male collection(
Stella McCartney Sandals
Chanel necklace

I'm heading to celebrate yet another friend in just a sec, so see you!


Kacrates said...

haha i graduated yesterday. :P the whole was crazy (being at Dave&Busters)

I love that dress by the way. The H&M near me sold out of that dress....and other garden collect. stuff.

Eliza said...


Eva Ana said...

kill me <3

Sarah said...

i love this look! especially the belt with that dress. congrats on graduating xx

Tørlich said...

Thanks everyone! :)