Sunday, May 5, 2013

PARIS was great. Honestly, it always is. As I've lived there and experienced just how amazing Parisian weather can be in April, the only disappointing thing about my trip this time around was the weather. It was cold as hell! 

Anyways, I don't know whether you find this interesting or not, but I thought I would take you through our days there. Sometimes I feel like I know central Paris like the back of my hand, so maybe you would find it fun to hear what I did.

DAY 1: First stop: Chanel on Rue Cambon. It's honestly my favorite store to visit in Paris because of the history surrounding it. Afterwards we took a stroll on Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Rue Saint-Honoré. We always go up till we reach the Christian Louboutin store in number 68 and down till we reach the other Christian Louboutin store on 19 Rue Jean-Jacques Rosseau. We had lunch at Ladurée on Rue Royale. The food is not that great, but I just love Ladurée and the surroundings. 

DAY 2: Sundays in Paris I almost always spend in Marais, as all the stores are open there. There I will always take a stroll down the following streets: Rue du Temple, Rue Vieille du Temple, Rue Rosiers and Rue des Francs Bourgeois, that ends in Place des Vosgês, which is stunning. There we visited the Maison de Victor Hugo, from where you get a stunning view over the square. Afterwards we went to Chamsp-Elysée. I am actually not very fond of Champs-Elysée and only ever go there because they have some of the biggest high-street flagship stores. 

DAY 3: First stop: Avenue Montaigne - one of the most stunning streets in Paris, where you will find more luxury stores. Afterwards we had a drink in the Tuilleries and went to the L'Orangerie to see Claude Monet's famous waterlilies. I never tire of them - they are so beautiful! The afternoon was spend on the left bank, and we had lunch at Café de Flore. 

DAY 4: Started with an haute couture exhibition at Hôtel de Ville. If you have a trip planned to Paris soon, you should definitely check it out. It was beautiful! Afterwards we wanted to visit Musée Pompidou, but I had forgotten that they're closed on Tuesdays. Buhu! Instead we went to Rue Rosiers, where they have the best falafel in town, that my mother had to try. On a Sunday in the Maris, the line for the falafel can go all the way down the street. I tell you, guys, do not leave Paris without trying on of them. Afterwards a quick stop at the Village Royal for a coffee before we had to fly home

+++ Almost every day we had breakfast at the Village Royal, one of the famous Costes cafés. The breakfast was exquisite. One of my favorite cafés for breakfast and lunch in Paris, definitely. Plus hotel breakfasts are super overrated. Specially in Paris!

I hope that you maybe found some inspiration for your next trip. 


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