Sunday, June 20, 2010

FREAKY SHIT IS HAPPENING with my skin these days.
I've suffered from some sort of weird rash on my legs the last many weeks, and have to get what allergy is causing that next week.

But today this happened (above photo). It looks like I've been bitten by some sort of animal (mosquito, or such), right?
But thing is: it came out of nowhere! 18 bites (or whatever) on my arm, and I have no idea how?

Can anyone please enlighten me, if you've tried something similar? Thanks.


Jessica said...

do you have animals ? I have 3 cats, and i had similar bites...turns out it was fleas.
Also flea bites are very similar do bed bugs. I know it sounds gross, but google it, you will find more information. i hired an exterminator to kill everything. Good luck, let me if you ever find out :I


Looks painful.

xx fesi-fashion

Tørlich said...

Jessica: I unfortunately don't have any animals, but I think it must be some flea bites, or something. I had just hung out with a friend who owns 5 dogs and a cat, so maybe I got it from her?

FESI-FASHION: Yeah, right? 28 bites is a lot (and itchy!)

Teresa said...

Yikes! It looks like what my friend and I had when we were staying in a hostel in Italy. Bed bugs, perhaps? The doctors there couldn't seem to figure it out, but it cleared up immediately after returning to the States.

Or it could also be fleas which tend to bite many times in one area. I'm allergic to flea bites and get huge bright pink welts after getting bitten.