Monday, March 1, 2010

PREFALL. I hope you're not annoyed by the fact that I yet again post dozen of looks from collection past.
But here we go again:
CHANEL. This Chanel collection was possibly a bit too black for me,
but the above looks I really love. I've never been a leather-pants-girl,
but the detailing on these are so pretty.

MISSONI. I find it incredible that so many different patterns actually work together.
MOSCHINO. I really liked this collection, but what's up with the similarity to their actual fall collection?
RAG & BONE. Like, like, like!!! I wanna wear it come autumn.
VALENTINO. I loved the color of this dress - but the RED DRESS is still missing.

VERSACE. I have mixed feelings about this collection.
I don't actually think I like it .. hmm ..

That was the end .. I swear! And if I know myself right, you won't see my favorite looks from F/W 10
until .. maybe the start of April?

Anyways - I'm in a bit of a hurry. I'm meeting Frog for dinner in just a sec,
though I just have to tell you, how incredible productive my day was yesterday:
1. Homework.
2. Museum with the fam.
3. Lunch with the fam.
4. English essay.
5. Dinner.
6. Cozying with Fatkid, N and A.
Incredible, huh? I think so myself, actually, compared to my normal sundays.


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