Saturday, June 27, 2009

SHOESHOESHOES. This is a look at part of my shoes-collection.
Top shelf: You can notice my Sonia Rykiel sandals. Then Dior booties and Zara (Balmain-look-a-like) sandals.
Bottom shelf: Christian Louboutin sandals, Chanel pumps and Givenchy sandals.
The rest we'll take another day, cause I'm totally in a hurry.

Yesterday evening was spend with my best friend, C, in the amusement park, Tivoli,
for a concert with the danish band Veto. It was such a great evening, and she is seriously the best in the world.
Today I swung by Copenhagen with daddy to run some errands, and now I'm off for N's birthday.
TAKE CARE, okay? :)

PS. I wasn't really going to comment of MJ's death, cause .. really .. I think the reaction is pretty extreme.
Sure it's very sad, but slow down, man, he's probably better off where he is now.
Anyways: Rest in peace, skinny white ass slash MJ.

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