Wednesday, February 18, 2009

F/W 09. I'm sick today! So sad really. I could hardly speak when I woke up, cause the sound just wouldn't come out. 
It was actually a good day to be sick, and I thought that I could finally do that english essay
 that I've just delayed and delayed and delayed. 
Anyhow, that didn't happen, cause I ended up sleeping and watching American Idol all day. 
And in an hour I'm going to little A's birthday party. I wonder if I can just write a little bit now? 

Back to the main topic of this post: F/W 09 has started, and nothing has really wowed me yet, 
though these boots from Lacoste are damn fine! I think I'm going to look for them next fall, 
cause the combination of knee-high-socks and boots are kind of cool. 
Though I would like them better without the heel, I think.


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Elizabeth said...

i love the shoes! :-)