Sunday, January 12, 2014

WHAT happened in my life from June to December, you might ask. Nothing much. Therefore I did almost no blogging.

 I laughed at my amount of bikinis. It's ridiculous and a real addiction!
I went to a garden party wearing a beautiful dress from Iro.

In August I went to the museum of moderns art ARoS.  
 I ate the last batch of delicious Danish strawberries.
I tanned.

  I tanned in late August which is a rare sight in Denmark.
 I worked for a cooking festival.
 Then I started uni again where we made patterns out of food.
A storm hit Denmark, and I had a difficult time getting home. 
I had to get up early for work and the beautiful sunrise almost made up for it. 
I bought a shellack set and made my nails. 
Another storm hit Denmark which meant a water rise. 

That was my year. I apologize for the quality of some of pictures. I don't know what is up.

I've just woken up after 11 hours of sleep. I tell you, yesterday was really bad. I was so hungover I almost couldn't stand on my two feet, so I think that was why I needed to sleep so much.


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