Thursday, January 2, 2014

SOOO... another year has passed. 2013 looked like this:

 I started the year with ruining my phone. Baah!
 And I wore a lot of burgundy!
After my exam I went to Egypt with some friends. I tanned, visited beduin villages and went on snorkeling trips. Just awesome!

 I apparently forgot to blog...

I went to Mauritius with my family. 
Were I sported my favorite bikinis, both from H&M. 
And Mauritius was soooo beautiful. Probably the most beautiful place I've ever been!
 Suddenly spring arrived a little early and I celebrated by keeping my door open.
 At work I had to get dressed up to go on television once a week, hence the amount of makeup.

Slipped too...

On mother's day I bought my mother beautiful flowers. 
Then me and her went to Paris where I bought these babies. 
 Place Vendôme is always a sight!
 I went to an Imagine Dragons concert.
 And also saw Lana del Rey live.
 Spring means iced tea!
And cherry blossom trees!  
And then I ended the month on a high after seeing Beyonce!

Part 2 later, yo!


Pauline said...

Hi! Would you possible give reviews on how the H&M bikini (gold and pink) fits? I would like to order but am 34C. Thank you!!

Tørlich said...

Hi Pauline,
I'm pretty sure that my bikini top is a size 36, and I'm a size 32A. I think my friend who has similar bust size as you bought a 38 or 40. It's quite stretchy, so I would say that if it fits you around the bust, it will most likely also fit you cup-size.
I hope you find it in your size! It is my absolute favorite bikini at the moment!
- Caroline