Monday, November 19, 2012

I AM SURE all of you danes has heard about the tragic events Friday night, where a young man was killed.
Usually I am not caught up in the mediastorm of events like the above.
But my own older brother was stabbed and very close to dying only 7 months ago, and therefore it pains me to hear, that in an otherwise relatively calm city as Copenhagen, that you as a guy almost have to fear for your life when you're out for a fun night with your friends.
Yes, that is maybe a little extremely put, but I know which events went ahead of my brothers incident, and the events should in no way provoke a person to actively stab another person in the back, in the heart, or any other part of the body.
My brother was extremely lucky (half a centimeter and he had been dead!), but unfortunately not everyone is.

I'm not really sure what I am trying to say with this post really.
I am just happy that I still have my brother here with me.

And to not make this post all about sadness, here's a few photos from Italy this summer.
They're taken at Lago d'Orta. I wish I could recommend the lake, but I really can't.
The scenery was absolutely beautiful, but I am usually a little taken a back when all menu cards are in English, German and a dozen other languages. Give me some real authentic Italy, and not all that tourist crap.
Even though I try to stay relatively anonymous, my dear family is making a small guest appearance on this occasion.

TAKE CARE. Of yourself and the ones close to you.

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