Monday, November 19, 2012

A LONG WHILE back I sometimes did a little list of my favorites blogs.
I found it was about time again. I am probably not loving anyone that you do not already know, 
but here goes:

I lovelove this little cutie. She is so beautiful and has amazing photography skills too!

I've menshioned Fashion by He before, but I just adore how honest that guy is.
Us girls are funny ... in a cute kind of way, right? RIGHT?

Garance must live the most awesome life ever! I wish I could spend just one day in her shoes,
and learn to take just as amazing photographs.

Sometimes I find myself wanting to be Kenza. Or her friend. Or something.
Imagine living such a life and earn that amount of money because you one day decided to start a blog

Okay, you guys, funniest blog alive. I am not even kidding. I saw all the little GIFs in one day,
because I was just laughing my ass off. I will never tire!

I've talked about Aimee before, but I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that some fortunate people have such good style. Super annoying and fascinating. Give me her entire wardrobe. Thank you very much!

And now for the (in my eyes) more important part. Do you have any blogs that I should read?
I am always looking for more to add to my Bloglovin' roll of over 200 blogs. Of course I do not read all posts of all blogs and some of them do not update anymore, but still. You get the picture, right? I love blogs...

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