Monday, August 1, 2011

MY FIRST WEEK of vacation is over. Mostly spend far north in Skagen with delicious food and sun.

The last few days have been spend in the beach house with sun, sun and more sun.
Today I wore what could be my favorite piece of summerclothing: a jumpsuit I found in a little shop in Saint Tropez years back.
.. And a bikini from Topshop, I must have bought on sale last year, cause I don't remember ever wearing it..

Furthermore I bought those cool Palladium boots in Paris after hunting for them for 2+ years.
I send a picture to my mom after buying them and she wrote me this back:
"The Palladium boots are very cute and a bit nostalgic, because they remind me of you as a little girl".
One of the reasons why I really wanted these boots is because I had them in numerous colors as a kid.
Little did I know that Copenhageners would be swarmed with them when I returned.
Apparently the new trend or what? Crap!

Anyways - I'm in bed with a movie. CIAO!


Anonymous said...

Right click > save as

Omg, it didn't take much for me from looking at those pics. MMmMmM

Anonymous said...

The things I'd do to you.......