Saturday, July 23, 2011

MORE PARIS outfits:
1: Shorts from Zara, scarf as belt from Hermès, sweater from American Apparel, bag from Lanvin, scarf from BeeCee and shoes from Converse.
2: Jeans from Topshop, top and cardi from H&M, scarf from BeeCee and shoes from Converse.

This is actually was I usually wore, when I just slouched around town in Paris.
The first shot is taken in the amazing Jardin des Plants, that you should totally visit and the second is taken outside of the store Goyard,
because CB is my initials. Shouldn't I just own this luggage?

Woah, it seems like I wore my All Stars a whole damn lot in Paris.
The last 4 outfits I've shown from Paris, I've been wearing those exact shoes.
I don't really remember wearing them that much, but they sure are good!
So funny to see a picture from the beginning of my stay (picture 2), where the shoes were still white,
and then a pic from the end of my stay (picture 1) where they are grey, from all that dirt in Paris.

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She Wore It Well said...

im going to paris in november for the first time and im soooo excited!! x

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