Sunday, January 9, 2011

SOOO .. I guess I forgot to tell you that our house was sold shortly after going on sale?
We're moving the 1st of April. I have very ambivalent feelings about this move.
I love my childhood house, and feel that I myself want a similar house when I grow up.

My parents are tired of taking care of a big house with a big garden,
so they decided to wanted to move to an apartment by the sea. We'll see how I'll like it.

The pictures are by the way not of the actual apartment, but it's very close.


Anonymous said...

det er en flot lejlighed? er det i tuborg havn?
hvor bor du selv nu? det er en chill blog..

Tørlich said...

Ja, det er Tuborg Havn. Nu bor jeg i dette ( hus i området.
Vi flytter først 1. april.