Saturday, January 8, 2011

EVERYONE are doing these year review, so I decided to do it as well.
I actually rarely read those things myself, but if you do, let's go!

My favorite sneakers from Lanvin arrived from Net-a-porter.
And I bought this amazing Miu Miu bag super cheap on sale,
I dreamt about going back to Crete with my girls.
But instead went to the lake nearby that had frozen for the first time in years with S
And took pictures of our frozen window-art.

I went to the woods with the parents to enjoy all the new fallen snow.
And went on a skiing trip to France with my high school.

My long awaited Chanel tattoos arrived in the mail from my aunt in Hong Kong.
And my mom bought the cutest Chanel ring for us.
I swooned over Zoe Saldana at the Oscars + afterparties.
I read lots of old magazines I found in the basement.

I went to London with the family, where spring had finally arrived and we had 20+ degrees.
I wrote you a handwritten note.
And tried the Chanel tattoos for the first time.

My parents went to Berlin and got me this super cute bracelet.
I wore all my favorite designers on my back.
Had my first exams in my lucky-jumpsuit.
Got a new bikini from Warehouse to celebrate summer.
And enjoyed all the pretty spring colors.

Had a million exams and got bitten by some insect, had an itchy rash on my legs and had a wisdom teeth that was growing into my chin.
But finally graduated from high school in a dress from H&M, belt from H&M and sandals from Stella McCartney.

Turned 19 and got this cute Chanel necklace from my parents.

Saw my favorite band D-A-D in concert.
Cut my long hair off.
Enjoyed over 30 degrees in Denmark.
Went to the Roskilde Festival one day and saw some awesome concerts.


Had an amazing trip to Crete and Santorini with my girls.
The Warehouse bikini in action.
My new wedges from Nelly broke the first time I wore them.
I made a DIY tan tattoo.

Was visited by a cute lizard at the beach house.
Went to Spain with the fam - a mixed experience: half sun, half crazy rain.

Finally had a job interview after jobhunting for 3 months, and got the job wearing the above outfit.

My house was put up for sale and was sold a few weeks after.
The post containing these pictures was my most commented to date.
Crazyshopped the Lanvin for H&M collection with mama.
Went to Paris with my parents and got this amazing Chanel bag.

I worked 10-20 most days and had no time for blogging, but got some amazing christmas gifts.

That was the year on this blog. Can't wait for 2011. First stop: Paris the 26th of March!


alex said...

u never told that is was sold. where are you moving then???

Sofia Kloch said...

Where did you got youre karl marc john blouse?
Cus' its very nice, so is youre pics btw, what camera do you use?
you're more than welcome to come and visit my blog if you want??

Tørlich said...

@Sophia: I got the blouse in some little store on Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris some years ago. It's from the brand Version Sud, that uses that exact print on t-shirts and stuff.
I use a Canon EOS 450d with the setting "clear", hence the contrast colors.
I will definitely check out your blog. :)