Monday, August 23, 2010

THESE WERE the little something something I got from Lanvin the other day.
I had a giant dilemma while standing in the store Kassandra in Copenhagen.
You see - either I could buy these or I could wait for some pretty awesome sneakers with sheepskin inside.
Um, impossible decision much?
I decided on these because: 1. I already got myself a pair of Lanvin sneaks,
and 2. they would call me if they got the sneaks in my size, and by then the other ones would surely be sold out.

Now I need myself a jacket and then I can beat fall and winter's ass!
Speaking of fall - the Copenhagen weather is quite grey right now with rain pouring and pouring down.
They're saying that summer is over. How happy do you I am that I'm taking a trip to 30 degree weather in Torrevieja, Spain?

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