Monday, August 23, 2010

I DEARLY APOLOGIZE for the fact that I haven't blogged for daaaays.
I guess I've been lost for words.
Coming home to cold Denmark was actually great, though I still haven't even packed out yet or found a job.

My trip to Crete and Santorini was amazing. On the pictures above you see the harbor of Heraklion and the beach of Rethymnon.
Pictures of the beautiful Santorini is yet to come.

I've just about settled in, but am already planning a new trip to Alicante, Spain come mid-September with the family. Aaaahh, more sun!

Gotta run - am spending my day with my lovely Bennybob. CIAO!

PS. And oooh, I got a very nice something something from Lanvin the other day. Can't wait to post it!

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