Sunday, August 1, 2010

I MADE A REAL NICE shoebuy while we visited the city Aarhus just on the other side of the sea.
I've wanted a pair of Lanvin flats for a long time and when I found them on sale at an amazing price obviously they had to go home with me.
If you think you've seen something similar here before, you probably have.
Colorwise they're exactly the same as my sneakers, and I therefore assume they're from F/W 09.
I've done some really great buys in Aarhus over the years. Chloé t-shirt, Burberry Prorsum sandals and I could go on,
and I always wonder why the great stuff are always left in my size?
I actually almost bought an amazing A.Wang top also, but decided against it last minute.
If we had been in Copenhagen, these things had been gone a long time ago!
I'm really missing my Mac. Blogging on a Windows is crap!
I'm off for minigolf. CIAO!


Damsels said...

an incredible find ! they'll last for years .they look super comfy too

Tørlich said...

Yeah, right? I almost couldn't believe it when I first saw them in the store.
I'm not sure on the comfyness yet, but I just think my feet need to adjust to them.