Monday, May 3, 2010

COLORS EVERYWHERE. Every time I try to write colors I always get it wrong.
When I write English essays on Word, where I have to use British language,
it's colours, and when I write here on Blogspot that is American I have to write colors.
Random, that one word can be spelled differently like that.

Anyhow - I've grown up in a family where the male-part talks, well, a whole lot about cars,
and I've always been used to driving around in a pretty nice car.
So it's safe to say that I do not have a problem spotting expensive and awesome cars.
Like the above Lamborghini. Pretty rad, I would say. And in that color.

At the Modern Tate museum I came across this entire Andy Warhol room. I love his art,
and get extremely exited every time I'm near it.

Oh, I would love to sit here and chat to all of you the rest of the day,
but unfortunately I have a social science essay that sadly does not write itself.
700 words to go. Suuure! Piece of cake .. or?

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