Friday, February 19, 2010

THIS WAS ALL I WANTED, ALL I WANT. You know the items from past collections that you never forgot?
I feel that way about the above two.
When the fall 2007 collections hit the runway, I fell so bad, that it is the collection,
that I to this date always go back and look at. It was classic Chanel with a twist.
The boot above left a very big impression on me, but to my great sorrow I never got my hands on them.
They had them in the Danish Chanel store on sale .. but in white, and I wanted them in every color BUT white.
I still look for them on online vintage stores from time to time, but to no luck. Sadly.
Then when the spring 2009 collections came another shoe crush came with it.
The Dior goddess sandal, and I looked and I looked.
In Rome they hadn't gotten it yet, in Denmark they don't even carry Dior ANYWHERE,
and when I finally contacted my aunt in Hong Kong I realized the insane price,
and forgot all about ever getting them.
But they're still amazing, and I will keep on looking for them at a decent price.
Have you also experienced these crushes that never seem to go away?


Mother of Style said...

For like a year I checked ebay for a pair of boots I missed out on, but they finally appeared- hope that happens for you!

Lilee▲ said...

love this post!