Monday, February 22, 2010

HOME, SWEET HOME. Hi guys. I came home late last night and has therefore decided to take a personal day today
to really sleep last week off, that was filled with skiing, sun, drinking and partying. So yeah, I'm pretty tired.

I've done this trip to different places in France the last 3 years with my high school,
and every year I say to myself that I won't do the bus-thing, since it's killing me,
and every year I find myself sitting in that ridiculous bus since I can't get any fly-tickets.

On our way to France this year the trip took 29 hours. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????
I'm never doing it again.

Anyways - I'm home. I don't have that many pictures to show you, but you'll get a few over the next week or so.

Now I will go look at 3.1 Phillip Lim's latest show. I'm always REALLY exited to see his show!!


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isabella Thordsen said...

love your blog!