Saturday, January 2, 2010

YEAR OF 2009. So here we go - Be aware that a major picture storm is heading near you.

BEST DRESSED OF THE YEAR: Freida Pinto at the Oscars wearing John Galliano.
I was literally blown away by this look. That girl is mesmerizing and that dress is out of this world.

RUNNER UPS: I couldn't limit myself to only a few looks, so you're getting a lot in random order.
(Note that it's Joy Bryant's look, third from left, I'm crazy about)

STYLE ICON OF THE YEAR: Diane Kruger - she blew me away with everything she wore.
I don't think I've even seen her wearing any bad outfits.

RUNNER UPS: Freida Pinto, Zoe Saldana and Dasha Zhukova, who as well as Diane had amazing consistency.
Furthermore I found myself falling in love with pretty much everything Jessica Stroup from 90210 has worn,
so she's my Teen style icon of the year.

CAMPAIGN OF THE YEAR: Moschino S/S 09 ads. These ads were adorable and pretty.
For me smiles, quirkiness and color is what sells.

EDITORIAL OF THE YEAR: Sasha Pivovarova in Paris Vogue June/July, Love makes the world go round, ph. by Bruce Weber. SO CUTE!!
RUNNER UP: Natasha Poly in Paris Vogue October, BB, ph. by Mario Sorrenti.
ITEM OF THE YEAR: Dior S/S 09 Deesse sandals, that I unfortunately wasn't able to afford.
This lucky blogger has not one, but two pairs of these amazing sandals.
I'm still hoping, that they will magically appear on Ebay at a ridiculously good price.
RUNNER UP: CHANEL S/S 09 bow booties. Soooo cute, but also so unaffordable.

BEST BUY OF THE YEAR: Definitely this pair of Christian Louboutin. They're a few seasons old,
but I've worn them again and again, and never tire of them.

MOVIE OF THE YEAR: Slumdog Millionaire - Without a doubt hands down the best movie of the year - even the decade, man!
RUNNER UPS: Sherlock Holmes and Avatar (for the amazing 3D experience only).

SONG OF THE YEAR: George Michael - Faith. For some reason it's the only song,
that comes to mind. It really sets my soul (my feet more likely) on fire. Amazing song!
Actually this year I found that old music is much more appealing than contemporary music.

HIGH POINT OF THE YEAR: All the traveling I did.
The Alps, France with my high school in February, Rome, Italy in March with partly my class and partly my mother,
Sardinia, Italy in July with the family, Crete, Greek in August with the girls, Brussels, Belgium in September with the class
and Paris, France in October with the family.
All in all 6 amazing trips. And to quite H.C. Andersen "To travel is to live".

DOWN POINT OF THE YEAR: My mother's trouble with the heart.

ANYWAYS - I'm over and out. If you read until this point, I thank you.
Oh, and please let me know, what your list is. :D

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Liberty London Girl said...

Totally agree re Frieda Pinto. Happy New Year! LLGxx