Wednesday, January 27, 2010

REVISITED. I found these pictures when I went through my external harddrive for something to post.
But I'm posting them, because I'm actually quite liking both the top on look 1 and the jacket on look 2,
but only rarely wear them.
Look 1: H&M bustier, American Vintage top and ASOS jeans.
Look 2: Zara jacket, Topshop jeans, random black top and Christian Dior booties.
(I don't believe I even have a decent shot of these booties, that I bought in New York in fall 2008,
must remember to snap a picture ASAP).

The first picture I post because that sums up how I want to spend my spring pretty well.
Sit on my balcony with a Vogue in my hands. And maybe a Coke on the side, thanks, please.
Instead it's been snowing like mad today, and walking, let alone freaking driving in it, was next top impossible.
So spring - what about coming early this year? Please, please, pretty please!!

I've the day off tomorrow as well! BOOJA!