Saturday, October 10, 2009

LIFE AS IT SHOULD BE. Yesterday after a trip to the city to visit the state department,
I chilled in the city with E. In the evening after a giant fight with the parents, I met up
D in Copenhagen yet again, to walk around the city and see stuff.
Once a year there's something called Culture Night in Copenhagen, where a lot of stores are open
and you can walk around and visit museums, etc.

Today has been great! Me and mom went to the city to eat brunch and look around.
I got the above dress from Christopher Kane for Topshop. AWESOME STUFF!
I'll use it for prom, I think. I'm really digging the detailing.
You'll see better pictures tomorrow. + I bought a very nice bracelet as well.

Afterwards we went and saw "The September Issue" which was brilliant.
I almost never stack magazines unless there's something about them worth keeping
(otherwise I just rip out the eds and ads I love), but for some reason I've kept
this particular magazine - US Vogue September 2007. Random, huh?

Anyways - I'm watching a football match between Denmark and Sweden.
People were going crazy in the city today. CRAZY, I tell you!


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