Thursday, October 1, 2009

FLIGHT. When landing in Copenhagen last Friday I snapped these sundown photos.
The colors actually weren't that great, but somehow they look beautiful on picture.

Okay, since I have the day off, I'll do the run through of my mother's heartproblems.
If you've visited this blog regularly the last year, you'll know that my mother had a blood clot in the heart
and was hospitalized. I won't say that it came as a big surprise, cause I knew she had been feeling bad
for about 6 month in advance, and that her crappy doctor told her, that nothing was wrong.
Obviously it was really hard knowing how close your mother was at dying,
but on the other hand it changed her for the better. She lost a minimum of 15 kilos
and got a lot better and healthier. It was like getting a whole new mother,
who was a lot more cheerful and with a newfound love for living.
Imagine having a mother, who was insane stressed out ALL THE TIME
and sort of depressed, to now having a mother who is the living in the moment kind of type.
It switched from one day to the other, but it's an absolutely amazing change.

Then in late July, early August she started having pain in the heart again,
and she called the hospital who said that everything sounded all right,
but she needed to run some tests to be on the safe side.
These tests were not good, and they said that she probably had an artery narrowing and that they needed to make
an angioplasty. She went to the hospital thinking that she needed to stay for 1 day,
but ended up staying for 3, because they discovered that she had a fatally low potassium level in her blood.
It was about 1,5 and a normal level is between 3,5 and 5, so you do the math.
Basically she has kept her level up by eating lots of bananas, but if not, she could have been dead.
Scary thought, but I'm just so happy that she's still alive and doing much better.
It's just difficult for her to catch these things sooner, when every time she reacts on her symptoms, she's basically told
that they're perfectly normal.

Anyways - I know this is a very long posts, so if you've reached this part, kudos to you,
and thanks a lot for the interest. It's nice knowing that this wasn't a total waste of time.
It's just that when I read blogs, I really like when people try to deepen their thoughts and problems.
I understand, that it can be hard for some, but I just really hate it when people write "Oh, I'm so sad, blablabla,
but I can't talk about it here", cause them I'm like "Then don't mention it in the first place!!".
So if I ever write something on my blog, where you feel, that you're missing and explanation, then ask away!
And also - you who want more personal stuff, ask about anything. I'm game!


PS. I've made a new category: Up close and personal
Every time I answer a question or write about personal stuff, you'll find it there.

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