Tuesday, October 6, 2009

THE BEAUTY IN HOME. Oh my god, it's even more beautiful than I remembered.
I'm not totally sure I'll ever like wear it outside the house,
but it's very beautiful just to look at.

Anyways - the outfit below is obviously not how I would wear if in case I would .. you know .. wear it to an actual occasion.
Note that it is a teeny bit too big for me, but that's alright - it is after all my mother's. :)
Wearing: CHANEL jacket, Zara cardi, J Brand jeans and CHANEL pumps.

And some detailing:
Beautiful, huh?

Anyways - I'm watching House and afterwards I've some homework to do.
I'm doing it for both tomorrow and thursday, so I can focus on a biology assignment tomorrow. Clever, huh?



1 comment:

Damsels said...

insane !!! you have on a chanel jacket ! im as green as the jade polish they sent down the fall runway