Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TURQUOISE. Damn, I miss that water. LIKE FREAKING CRAZY.
I can't wait until next year - I hope some of the dudes are still there, specially the hunks M and C.

Anyways - my days on Crete shortly:
Sleep, eat, beach, looking at endless sex gods and lifeguards, rest, eat, party.
INSANELY amazing!!
One really cute thing: Me and D found this really cute dude on the beach,
with beautiful legs - yeah, weird thing, huh?
Anyways - when we eventually talked to him he was both hot and THE sweetest.
I swear I was SOSO swoony. Next year - he better be there, dude!

This is what I wore one night:
.. and yeah, risky, I know. But our homies in Rethymnon were only a bit sleezy,
and FYI the shorts were much longer than they seem.
Let's just say - I've never gotten as much male attention IN MY LIFE.

Another thing: my new watch from Triwa:
I'm not really sure what I think .. yet. A little PIMP-y and big,
but we're getting to learn each other, me and my watch.

School-start has been dead-hard, and I'm daydreaming about endless beaches of sand
with turquoise water. Winter better go by FAST. Winter, you hear me?
I'm insane tired, so I'm in bed with a movie and soon heading to be.



Veronica said...

Love the water pictures! :)

Tørlich said...

Thanks! :D


Anonymous said...

the watch?? soo amazing! designer?

Tørlich said...

It's from Triwa (http://www.tritoni.com/site/country.php),
more specifically: The Great White ll.

I think it can be purchased online at their website, but you need to choose your country first.