Monday, August 17, 2009

NONONO. I got home saturday night, but I've been in a total weird state of mind,
and therefore haven't felt like blogging.

I've had the most ridiculously amazing vacation EVER, and I've never felt so sad leaving a place behind.
I miss Christos & Manus, my favorite babes never to be forgotten Stjuart, Wollahbilla, dougnut lady, beach guy .. hell, everyone.
Oh, and Matthew & Actionman, my favorite lifeguards, William and the rest of the English gang,
and of course, all the sweetest stalkers Crete's nightlife had to offer.
I'm sure you all miss us, but we miss you just as much.
See you all next year!

On the picture you see me and D riding on a waterscooter. Insane fun!
But back to reality .. school started today. CRAP!

Anyways - I've some more pictures, and probably more to say at another time.
Until then, HAVE FUN.

PS. I've thought about it, and I found that it was too hard to change my blog-url,
so instead I keep the url but change the name of the blog.

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