Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Designer vs. copy

SPOT. My question to you is: which is designer and which is fake?
I came across this site called chapnlle, and though they make copies of lovely Louboutin sandals, for example,
they actually make quite decent sandals. Like this pair.

I guess I've not been the only one dying for these Louboutin sandals,
and I've never really been willing to pay the price. I'm actually tempted .. cause I mean,
I did buy Zara's copy of the Balmain sandal .. so I'm not really a saint on that point, am I?

Chapnlle has done numerous other copies (YSL, Balmain, and so on),
but these Gucci ones are actually quite .. good. I'm tempted to say that I like Chapnlle's copy better.

I need to check my economy and figure out if I can buy the creme Louboutin copy,
cause it's so cute, I think. Then again .. I might find the money, cause I found that only few
versions of the amazing shoes from the Louboutin for Phillip Lim collection went into production,
and I'm very disappointed in the ones they've chosen.

Enough with the rambling. I'm headed to bed with a good movie and some sparkling water.

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