Monday, February 2, 2009

Cause friday I'm in love

MOVIES. I wasn't going to post more today, but I just had to pop in and say that gogogo watch "He's Just Not That Into You" if you like me get high from movies like "The Holiday". I know, I know, I'm the biggest girly teenager of all times, but it was sooo adorable. 
I'm so glad I got the opportunity to watch in on a pre-premiere, so I didn't have to wait until when I get home from France.

Now I'm off to homework, which involves an illustration of "Beauty & The Beast" for french. Say what?
It actually has to be a drawing, but in this case photoshop will have to do.


PS. Tomorrow I'm not meeting until 9 AM, where I've political/social science for 3 hours,
 with this whack danish politician/spindoctor-thingy.

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