Sunday, February 22, 2009


LOVE. Can you think of a better way to spend your Sunday evening than catching up with all the magazine you've missed? 
(Well .. all the magazines your mom has bought, but you haven't gotten around to).
I can't!
British Vogue March 2009, British Elle March 2009, American Vogue February 2009, 
and then American Vogue December 2008 and French Vogue November 2008 (which I can't understand why I haven't read?)
I might find some inspiration afterwards. Yepee!

I took this picture from the window in my classroom. In November, December and part of January 
we had this amazing sunrise, because the sun didn't go up until around 8 AM:
I'm sad I didn't bring my Canon EOS 450 D. The picture would've been so much better, but you'll have to deal with 
this crappy cellphone-shot, and just imagine how amazing it looked morning after morning.

I also apologize for the crappy cellphone-shot of the magazines. :)


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