Monday, December 9, 2013

WOAH, I can't believe I haven't done this since August! I feel like it was just a short while ago. So here's what has been happening in my life the last almost 4 months!:

 1. I've tanned for the last time in the end of August. That's a rare sight in Denmark! 2. Then I spend my last few weeks of summer vacation working at a Danish food festival.
3. I've had English Tea with my mother at the delicious Perch's Teahouse. 4. And I started school, where we made patterns out of food. Serious uni stuff, no?
5. I found an old pair of favorites, my Lanvin sneaks. 6. And saw a beautiful rainbow from my window.
7. I've gone to the circus and revisited childhood memories. 8. And eaten the most delicious pasta, Copenhagen has to offer in Torvehallerne. 
9. Been really digging leo, for some reason. 10. And been a little annoyed with my studies. Soundart and soundscapes anyone? SO boring!  
 11. I've had my favorite salad from my favorite sushi place, Sticks'n'Sushi. 12. And had fun about the fact that my grandma's mirror is too short for my 160 cm frame!
13. I've tried getting home from school in the first storm that hit Denmark. Not an easy task! 14. And laughed a little by this Danish musician's jacket.  
15. I've eaten delicious sushi with a great friend. 16. And felt a little like a hit man with these beautiful gloves from Maison Scotch. 
17. I've seen a beautiful sunrise, when I had to go to work way too early. 18. And made my own shellack!
19. I've been shocked by the amount of water a little storm can result in. The waves were as you can see quite high from my window. 20. And I've celebrated Christmas with a calendar from one of my bestest friends. All my love to her! 

Quite eventful, if I may say so myself. And this is of course just part of what has been going on. Interesting and quite sad that I do not have a single Paris photo to post. 

Tomorrow I have to work. Baah! But last time before christmas. Wuhu!
Therefore I am heading to bed now. Crazy early! But I've felt sickish all day, so I think it's a good idea :)

I hope you're all well!