Tuesday, November 26, 2013

CATHERINE MCNEIL is so crazy effortless. I have a huge girl crush on her and have talked about her HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. Safe to say that I really adore her!

I have been crazy busy the last couple of month. For a while I had three jobs while I was studying full-time, so obviously I didn't have time for much else. The last couple of weeks has been pretty calm though. I really needed that! Today I woke up at 10 after 11 hours of sleep. That's how it's been. Everytime I've had time to sleep, I've managed to sleep 12 hours, and possibly more if I had had the time.

Today was just spend writing an exam and chilling with my mother. Tomorrow is my day off, before a few days of work, and then a whooole lot of schoolwork the next three weeks. 


Picture cred: Catherine McNeil by Kane Skennar for Harper's Bazaar Australia, November 2013 via fashiongonerogue or visualoptimism

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