Tuesday, August 20, 2013

LIFE through my iPhone lens the last few months:

1. The weather is always crap on my birthday in June. This year was no different. 2. The interview with John Galliano in Vanity Fair was amazing. I love that man!

 3. I looked fat in my car door. 4. And I enjoyed summer on my balcony after turning up 24 hours early for a doctors appointment. Crap!

5. I went to the beach house with my family and stopped in Holbæk for dinner at Restaurant SURI on the way. 6. And ate some of last amazing Danish strawberries of the year. BUHU!

7. I went to Aarhus with my parents where we visited the contemporary museum ARoS. I was once again amazed at the giant boy. Look how real he looks! 8. The museum also has a beautiful installation with my favorite artist Olafur Eliasson. Must do a post about him ASAP!

9. And then I bought new shoes on sale. Stella McCartney 60% off. Good deal! As Stella delivered them so late in the season, they were brand new and on sale. That was an offer both me and my mother couldn't refuse!

NOW I will head to bed!

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