Saturday, June 15, 2013

HERE is what has been happening on my insta as of late:

1. Spring means loads of beautiful cherry blossom trees. 
2. And May included a concert with the goddess, Beyonce.

3. I have entertained an 8 year old. 
4. And eaten lunch with my dad and brother at Fiskebaren in Copenhagen, where I didn't remember to take a picture before I was halfway through my desert. 

5. I have seen live music at the street festival Distortion. 
6. And taken a picture of my entire bikini collection. Insanity!

7. Summer means beautiful sundowns where I live. 
8. And a beautiful latergram of spring.

9+10. When my grandma turned 93 we went to the restaurant Strandmøllekroen, and they made beautiful food.

11. A great friend of my turned 22 and served us this incredible strawberry tart.
12. When my brother got his bachelor degree we went and got stakes at the restaurant Mash. Yum!

Tomorrow is my birthday, woop woop! But as I've got my final exam before my summer holiday, I will probably do nothing but study. What a boring life! 


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