Monday, January 7, 2013

FIRST outfit pic of 2013 plus the first since October (!!). Scaringly similar outfit might I add. I have a thing for burgundy and shirts. I wanted to show you this outfit, because I am wearing a new shirt from Acne that I got as a christmas present. I really must show you a picture without the sweater at one point.
Until then the shirt is the one I blogged about HERE.

I am wearing:
Acne shirt (buy HERE), Topshop jeans and COS cashmere sweater underneath sweater from Vila*.

*Seriously you guys wouldn't believe how many layers I wear on a regular basis. Today (it's 5 celcius degrees, so it's not that cold) I am wearing a top, a shirt, 2 sweaters, a hoodie, a scarf and my jacket. You can never wear enough clothes!

Oh gotta run. I am heading for work.


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what is your instagram?