Sunday, July 29, 2012

I AM HOME. I actually came home last Wednesday, but quickly after retreated to the vacation home/beach home (whatever you English-speaking peeps call it), where I have been ever since.
I can't get my Mac online, so no pictures just yet.
Chicago was awesome! I adore the city and all my friends in it. Had a bit of a tough time saying goodbye again, I must say. It's damn difficult having friends on the other side of the world, really.

Anyways, because I can't post pictures and therefore no crazy stories from my wild life,
I was thinking about doing a new question-thingy.
I've done a similar thing a few times before (HERE and HERE), and therefore I think we have actually been around the basics, but if you still have burning questions, feel free to ask them.

I am home and ready for a quick blogging session on Wednesday, but leave for my third and final destination this summer on Friday. CIAO! 

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