Friday, May 4, 2012

 ...made pancakes with my study group.
 ...worn my Chanel baby.
 ...ate awesome crackers with caramel while studying at the library. 
 ...worn a cape from the Danish brand Moss Copenhagen
...and a loose shirt from ??? with blondes underneath.  
 ...went to a seminar about Women in Afghanistan. 
 ...and to my last shift this time around on a Danish television show, where the boys found it super fun to make a domino game out of sweets.
 ...found my home quite awesome in the sun.
 ...went to a group meeting and enjoyed the view over Copenhagen.
 ...enjoyed awesome group members that does awesome visual brainstorms. 
 ...enjoyed the view from my window.
...worn shoes from Minelli and dress from ??? for the most crazy night out in a long time.

The next weeks I will do nothing but working on my school project and working. Fun stuff, huh?

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