Sunday, May 20, 2012

LATELY the instagram lens has in spite of the school project caught me doing tons of stuff.
The last few weeks I've...
 ...taken a beautiful walk with my friend E.
 ...eaten delicious breakfast consisting of banana, strawberries and melon. Yum!
 ...loved spring!
 ...burned my finger :(
 ...eathen delicious sushi. The veggie salad from the Danish chain Sticks'n'Sushi is delicious!
 ...the cherry blossom tree makes me love spring even more. My favorite tree in the world!
 ...taken my mom's beautiful Chanel bag out for a spin
 ...eaten a light dinner consisting of capaccio and caprese salad + avocado.
 ...seen an unbelievable amount of roller skaters.
 ...worn my Lanvins.
...worn shorts for the first time this summer. Yay! The boots? Weird, I know.

Tonight have been a little weird family wise, so I'm slightly confused. 
I'm in bed with a television show. 

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Anonymous said...

Just catching up, so much to see! Who are you on instagram? I'd love to follow you!