Thursday, March 15, 2012

YES, I joined the Instagram hype too.
My week through the lens of Instagram looked like this:
I stumbled upon a beautiful sundown. Spring truly is on its way!
I played a LEGO building game with my colleagues, which was mad fun.
My colleague made this cute little snail.
I wore new pants from H&M. My mom bought a pair for each of us, which make us kind of like Barbie and Shelley, right?
My mom turned 59, so we went for dinner with the family at Cofoco, which was really good plus the interior was really awesome.
And I went for amazing drinks and got a little bit tipsy with some of my friends from uni.

All in all a pretty good week. Now: bed!
I'm exhausted after too few hours of sleep plus 2 x workout yesterday (Zumba and Yoga).
Tomorrow I have a very exiting job interview. Wish me luck!

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