Thursday, February 9, 2012

OH, WOW, I've been the worst blogger of the year.
I returned home to little cold Denmark (from 20 degrees and sun to -10 degrees celsius in just one day? ouch) last Tuesday,
but I've been so swamped with school that I've forgotten to say hi.

We had an awesome trip, and here you have a giant photobomb from my trip:
I am quite in love with the Hong Kong skyline. Isn't it beautiful?
In the dark as well.
And they sure know how to celebrate a new chinese year. This firework display was GINORMOUS!
I woke up to this view every morning.
My aunt lives just out of a small town called Sai Kung, so we had to take these small adorable busses a lot.
Betty's in the mall IFC (8 Finance Street, Central) was one of the best restaurants we came across.
I luuurved the interior!
The view from Betty's was not too bad either
Loads of incense
Lunch at a beach in 20+ degree weather was not too shabby!
Fake Louboutin's? But of course!
The giant Buddha is my favorite thing to see in Hong Kong. He is amazing!

Well, what more is there to say about Hong Kong?
Shopping wise I'm not too impressed. Generally Hong Kong is difficult because the city is not made for strolling around.
It can be difficult to even cross a street. Therefore most of the shops are located in giant malls all around the city.
In the long run malls get super boring. You must know that.
Anyways look for IFC, The Landmark, Pacific Place and Times Square.
Look for Jane Crawford and Joyce while you're there. There you'll find everything you need if you can afford it.

Area wise I was most into Tsim Sha Tsui, where you had the awesome skyline view.
Hong Kong Island is really not that interesting to be honest.

In Mong Kok you'll find Sneaker street (I have no idea if that is actual street or just slang), but you'll find every sneaker in the world here.
Also the place to buy electronics and hang around markets (Ladie's market and Fa Yuen Street).
Though the best market you find is the Stanley Market. The trip is quite far, but it is definitely worth it.
Here you'll find Chinese antiquities, cashmere and beautiful chinese scarves.

And the Buddha! Do not forget the Buddha!

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Lisa said...

such great pictures, you must of had an amazing time!! soo jealous