Sunday, January 15, 2012

LET'S TALK spring couture. 2011 that is. A little late as always on my behalf:
1. CHRISTIAN DIOR, 2. ELIE SAAB - beautiful! Just beautiful.
3. GIVENCHY - the front of the dresses were far less interesting than the backs.

And now let's talk fall while we still can.
Couture has become so boring to watch as so many don't make and/or show their couture collections anymore:

Shocking that so few looks were appealing! Aaaah, that was nice getting this out of my inspiration map.

Now let's talk the lessons I learned Thursday night. Either I'm still hungover or sick (and I truly hope for the latter),
cause I was a bit more drunk than I wish to remember:
Lesson #1: When a truly handsome and charming man hits on you, go for it. Fight for love, or whatever.
Lesson #2: Drink less.
Lesson #3: Do not take on the dance floor alone (okay, not quite alone, I had a friend with me of course) at 3 A.M. after too many beers.
Lesson #4, referring to lesson #1: Stop being an arrogant bitch.

What have you learned the last few days?

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