Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I WAS ACTUALLY going to stop with the bikinishots (and I will after this post),
but I had to post this.
I new I was skinny back in 2008 (first shot), cause I weighted less than I've ever done in my teen years,
but after comparing the picture to a shot that was taken on the exact same beach in Greece this year,
I don't remember ever being that skinny, and I can't really figure out which figure I like the best - then or now?
What do you think? (Not that I'm going to start a diet anytime soon).

Outfit wise:
Pic 1: Matthew Williamson for H&M shorts, H&M bikini top, Chanel necklace and lots of bracelets (I can't believe I wore that many back then?).
Picture 2: New-ish shorts from Topshop and H&M bikinitop.

And with these pictures I say goodbye to summer and hello to fall (crycry), which means a whole lot of new adventures for me!


Cathy said...

What bra size do you wear?

Tørlich said...

Well, hello to you too Cathy. Very straightforward question you go there. I have absolutely no boobs as you can see, so I am a 70A-B in European sizes. I have no idea what that is in american sizes.